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"I love this jacket! Warm and cozy without feeling constricted.  Now that I have a brand new baby and fall is around the corner, I'm so excited to be able to use it again! The fabric is strong and great quality. The structure is secure when I have my babies in it. It's warm but not stuffy (especially since there's 2 bodies with heat!). Being able to wear my daughter front or back is great! Putting in the jacket takes a couple of practices- like anything that's new, it becomes easier each time. Overall an amazing product!"

 -Mai Hill

Homer Glen, IL


"Babywearing is not just an excellent way to bond with your child(ren), it can also be a lifesaver when you need your hands free. And, like all aspects of parenting, having the right tools at your fingertips makes the job so much easier. If you need a jacket to take you from pregnancy through babywearing and beyond, look no further than the Mountain Marsupial. You will be thankful for the high quality materials, ease of use, and design ingenuity. It’s the perfect addition to any mama’s wardrobe."


Portland, OR


"This jacket is designed to be the only jacket you will need as a parent of young children from pregnancy through toddlerhood (possibly preschooler). You can wear the jacket while pregnant, while front carrying a child, while back wearing a child, and then when wearing no child. It’s extremely versatile and I used it to take my daughter to her sitter and then walk home. I could easily roll the panel into the carrier when not in use. This would be an excellent coat to use for anyone who wants to try backpacking with little kids since it’s pretty lightweight as well. I tested this coat in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin winter with temperatures from 20F to 45F. Since the coat does a great job of keeping warmth inside, I was able to wear only a cotton t-shirt while walking in 35F."


Milwaukee, WI




I wore the jacket today while hiking with Kien and a friend and it was awesome. I definitely needed some help getting it on but it's a beautiful color and fit perfectly. I love the cinch tabs at the bottom and the hood as it started snowing during the hike. I was a bit worried the zipper would be in my 11 month olds face and bother him because he sits a bit low in the jacket but it didn't affect him. It was comfortable and warm and he had no problem falling right asleep inside it.  It's a great mountain coat for all of us who love to stay active with our little ones.  I had to unzip the front a bit when I got hot hiking uphill (there are no pit zips). The only other thing I would have liked would be a little zipper or velcro for the pockets which stand open, but they were deep enough that my phone and keys did not fall out.  Overall wonderful jacket and I love that it's made right here in Colorado. 

Here are some photos. :)


Vail, CO



"I never knew I needed a babywearing jacket until I owned one!  I love wearing my son but always worried about him being warm enough. Living in Alaska we have some pretty cold weather year round.  I'm so happy to have something so comfortable and easy to wear with him. We stay warm and snuggled together on our hikes.  The quality exceeded my expectations and I find myself grabbing this jacket even when I'm not babywearing.  It is such a flattering fit and I love the beautiful pink color.  I always get compliments on it.  If you are looking for a multi purpose jacket then this is the coat for you."


Soldotna, AK